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Statutory Agent


Statutory Agent Services

At The Forakis Law Firm, we provide statutory agent services to ensure your business meets Arizona state requirements.

What is a Statutory Agent?

A statutory agent, also known as a registered agent, is a person or entity appointed to receive legal documents and official government communications on behalf of a business. This role is essential for maintaining compliance with the state and ensuring timely receipt of important notices.

Why Do You Need a Statutory Agent?

In Arizona, all LLCs, corporations, and other business entities must have a statutory agent and the agent must have a physical address in Arizona. Key reasons to have a statutory agent include:

Legal Compliance

Ensures your business complies with state laws and avoids penalties.

Prompt Notification

Receives and forwards legal and tax documents promptly.

Privacy Protection

Keeps your personal address off public records.


Provides a stable point of contact, even if your business address changes.

Our Services

Choosing The Forakis Law Firm as your statutory agent means:

Expert Handling

Prompt and professional management of legal documents and notices.


Strict confidentiality of all communications and documents.

Peace of Mind

Focus on running your business while we manage legal matters.


A reliable point of contact to ensure you never miss critical information.

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