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Safe File

Many attorneys give original documents back to the clients for them to manage. The Forakis Law Firm provides an optional service where we will keep your original documents at our firm for an annual fee, which we call our “Safe File.” The benefits of having your documents with our firm include the following:


  • The original documents are readily available for the attorneys to review in case the client has changes or additions made to their estate plan or business documents.

  • Keeping your safe file means you won’t lose or misplace original documents when moving or if a disaster (fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, etc.) happens.

  • The documents are safe and confidential with an objective custodian, avoiding the possibility of having unhappy family members take your original documents

  • The legal documents are available for transmission to the proper individuals and agents in an emergency
    Certified copies of your documents made be made quickly and dispatched anywhere in the world

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