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Estate Planning Attorney in Arizona

With over 75 years of estate planning heritage in Arizona, The Forakis Law Firm, PLC is dedicated to providing personalized and comprehensive services at an affordable price, helping you navigate the complexities of succession and legacy with confidence and peace of mind.

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An estate plan from our experienced estate planning attorneys in Arizona ensures your assets and loved ones are protected. Avoid lengthy legal proceedings and financial strain for your family with The Forakis Law Firm. We help you clearly outline your wishes, prevent disputes among heirs, and ensure a smooth transition of your assets.

At The Forakis Law Firm, our Arizona business planning attorneys help you choose the right business entity to protect your assets and enhance your estate planning. Whether starting a new venture or managing an existing business, our comprehensive services ensure your financial security and legacy through proper entity selection, asset protection strategies, and professional guidance in forming and managing LLCs and corporations.

Estate Planning Law Firm

The Forakis Law Firm, established in 2006, is dedicated to creating a welcoming environment where clients can comfortably address some of life's most important questions about succession and legacy. We offer a comprehensive range of estate planning services, including essential documents such as Wills and Powers of Attorney, as well as specialized forms like Babysitter Consent Forms and Trusts. Our commitment is to ensure that your wishes are clearly defined and legally upheld. Understanding that emergencies can arise unexpectedly, we prioritize proactive planning to protect families in advance. At The Forakis Law Firm, we are here to provide expert guidance and support, helping you build a secure and lasting legacy for future generations.

Christine Cracchiolo Estate Planning Attorney and Lawyer

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