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The Forakis Law Firm blends more than 75 years of estate planning heritage in Arizona. Our firm creates a place where clients can feel ‘at home’ while addressing some of life’s biggest questions regarding their succession and legacy. 

Arizona's Top Estate Planners

Our Practice Areas

Estate Planning

The Forakis Law Firms helps you properly prepare a plan that will give you and your family peace of mind.  No matter how small or large, everyone has an estate!

Business Law

The Forakis Law Firm sets up your company by discussing what entity is best for you and your business! Let us protect you!

Our Vision


The Forakis Law Firm was founded in 2006 and is home to attorneys and legal assistants with the intent to create a place where clients feel ‘at home’ while addressing some of life’s biggest questions regarding their succession and legacy. From estate planning documents like Wills and Powers of Attorney to more specialized documents like Babysitter Consent Forms and trusts, the attorneys at The Forakis Law Firm, PLC have a document that will accomplish your goals to make them legally binding. Emergencies happen. The attorneys at The Forakis Law Firm practice this area of law because we enjoy proactively protecting families by planning in advance for those emergencies. Our attorneys are here to help you!


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Fortune Favors The Bold Teaches You:

  • Building a Strong Family Unit

  • Creating a Zaibatsu Dynasty

  • Creating a Family Culture for your Family

  • The Family Constitution 

  • Planning for Large Estates 

  • Creating Family Harmony

  • The Family's Emergency Planning Documents

  • The Family Trust 

  • Family Business Structures

  • The Family Limited Partnership 

  • Plan Your Funeral

  • The Super Secret Trick 

The Forakis Law Office

The Forakis Law Office

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