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Who needs a Will?

Everyone eighteen and over needs one because it does much more than say who gets your
property, it makes vital decisions that will arise on your death or disability.

What do Wills do?

It disposes of your property when you die; it names the people who will raise your children; it
names your guardian and conservator; it names your personal representative or executor; it
may contain your funeral directions and much more if properly written.

Does having a Will save money?

Yes, because many of the decisions that arise on your death will be answered by the probate
court if not answered by you ahead of time. Court proceedings take time and money, which
means your heirs will receive less and have less respect for you.

What if I already had a Will but was executed in another state?

The law is different in all 50 states. This means a Will that is valid in one state may not be valid
in another. A carefully drafted Will is valid in all 50 states, but most Wills are not drafted this
carefully. Ours is designed to work in all states.

Do I need a Will if I have a Revocable Trust?

Yes. The Will you need is called a pour-over Will. It serves as a safety net for assets that are
not in trust when you die, in which case the Will pours over these assets into your revocable

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