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Living Will


Who needs a Living Will?

Everyone needs one because we live in a world of million-dollar miracle medical machines that
can extend and maintain a life that most people consider not worth living. A
Living Will ensures that quality of life is not sacrificed to maximize life's quantity.

What does it do?

The Living Will allows you to die with dignity on your own terms. Without one, you and your
family may go through the emotional and financial nightmares one doctor described as
“something worse than death.” In essence, it allows someone to “pull the plug.” If you do not
have a Living Will, a court process must be followed; the appointment of a special
guardian. This means that you will be kept alive until the court decides otherwise, as the bills
grow and grow. No one will be able to make this decision without court approval.

How Will the Living ensure the “PLUG” is not “PULLED” Prematurely?

You set the standards that must be met before the power to “pull the plug” is effective. These
standards must be validated by three doctors. The Living Will clearly states what you mean by
“terminal with no chance of recovery.” Our Living Will recognizes six conditions warranting
implementation of the Living Will: (1) brain damage, (2) brain non-function, (3) irreversibly
dying, (4) persistent vegetable state, (5) advanced Alzheimer’s, and (6) “locked in a condition
where your brain cannot communicate with the outside world.”

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