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Funeral & Burial Instructions


Who should have Funeral & Burial Instructions?

Everyone eighteen and older needs them to ensure that their death will not create any more
problems than necessary.

What do Funeral & Burial Instructions do?

They allow you to provide guidance to your survivors on the details of your final arrangements.
Those who will be making these decisions will be trying to do what you would have wanted.
This document allows you to tell them what you want and even binds those involved to carry
out those wishes.

Why do I need to write my wishes down, isn't it enough to tell my family what I want?

Oral instructions are better than nothing, but not much. If you express your wishes this way,
there may be confusion and fighting because what people are told and what they remember is
often not the same thing. Another possibility is that your wishes may change and you neglect
to inform every one of these changes. Those who are unaware of these changes may put
unnecessary pressure on other family members who are aware of your new desires. Fights
over these types of issues may cause rifts in the family that last for generations. This may
avoided by putting your instructions in writing.

How does Funeral & Burial Instructions reduce the stress related to my death?

The death of a loved one is a very trying time. There will be sadness and confusion. At the
same time, there will be things that need to be done. Forcing decisions on shaken friends or
family compounds the problems. Most of the decisions they will be asked to make may be
made by you ahead of time. By writing these instructions down and informing your family of
them, we guarantee that you will reduce stress and grief felt by those who act on your behalf.

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