Christines Camelot.png


“I want to assist others to create long-lasting Dynasty Camelot with their families, businesses, organizations, and Governments.” -------------- John F. Goodson.

That was my father’s philosophy. He had it written out in bold on a whiteboard in his office so that he didn’t lose focus and his life’s mission was reiterated to him every time he looked up from his work desk.

To my father, John F. Goodson who has been my mentor, and who envisioned ‘Camelot’ for every family. He believed that one does not have to go out in search of Camelot, rather one can create one’s own Camelot. My father did not live long enough to fulfill his vision of writing a book to share this idea about creating Camelot, so I decided to write the book in his honor.

He believed in the Utopian vision of an idyllic state of happiness for every family and going by his principles of the Zaibatsu strategies, this can be achieved. It is possible to create Camelot, meaning an idyllic state of happiness, by implementing the Zaibatsu strategies.